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Let me briefly introduce myself and explain the purpose of this site.

Many (and I mean many) years ago I was a demoscener by the nick of 'Blade' and was quite active mostly in the Spanish scene of the middle 90's as BladeRunner. In 1992 I co-founded a little group called TLOTB which seems to still be active long after my departure. 

Nowadays the scene has become bigger and bigger, and more and more commercial (probably because it is now no longer a computer hobbyst and quite mainstream). Even though I have long lost the interest in what is cooking at the demoscene I am still interested in the old scene spirit and what I learnt from it. 

The original goal of this page is to promote the old demoscene and to offer related products at affordable prices. Back when the first CD-ROM's made by sceners started to get out I started distributing them in Spain. Freedom, Dreams, Audiophonik... I have done the lot.

I will always try to sell everything as cheap as possible, I am not doing this because of money. But at the same time I have reached a point where my private life has to take precedence over the time I spend packing, posting DVD's, chasing orders, checking payments and updating this page. I have had some people abusing my time when I used to accept several payment methods I have made things simple for me and also for you. :) 

I accept payments via Paypal in Pounds Sterling only (Paypal will make the conversion to your local currency and it is better/cheaper for you if I do not have to convert back and forth to 's).

I can accept bank transfers if you do not have a credit/debit card, but again only in Pounds Sterling or Euros. Contact me for details., but please, be aware that I have a normal life (which you can see by looking how minimalistic this site is) that forces me to take my time to reply to queries outside the normal ordering process. 

When I was a young scener it was difficult to get cheap stuff and I am doing my bit to help now. But I still have my life, which I like quite a lot better than selling anything. :)

If you have anything that might be of interest to other visitors of this site and that you would like me to distribute get in touch. I will be happy to help.

I would like to encourage you to check other distributors and compare prices. Nowadays I calculate my prices with a spreadsheet that I update every so often with current shipping prices and commissions that I have to pay. Usually when a new product comes out I will put temporary prices and then put final (and lower) prices when I get the actual exchange rates that I am charged and the import tax sorted.

I know that there are too many options on the page, but the Paypal shopping cart does not allow to calculate the correct shipping charges, which would mean overcharging in some cases to make sure I did not loose out. If there is a different amount or combination that you would like to have, drop an email. I can work the cost out for you. and customise the price for you.

Although other distributors should get things for the same price as me, being based in the UK and handling everything in Pounds Sterling might be quite differentiating factors. Also the volume of purchases will differ, so my advice is buy sensibly. :)

If you know of other merchants that will charge less commission than Paypal and that are as easy to use, let me know. Cheaper commissions will mean cheaper products for you.

I prefer to ship orders insured against loss or damage. Orders that are not covered by this insurance will be cheaper, but it will be your call if anything happens (so far, it has always been OK). I won't ship big amounts of DVD's without insurance and to certain countries.


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